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Welcome to Anti Rain Concepts

Throughout the years we have been receiving special request from various companies, this has led us to acquired skills in products development. The process starts with a online consultation to ascertain what type of safety intervention is required.

Most of our encounters on the renovation side have been water related issues, where severe damp has been formed in walls due to various different reasons. Leaking roofs are one area where major damage has been caused to ceilings, timber, walls, floors, electrical, paint and various other surfaces within the building, which have always been a major cost factor to the client.

We have been hard at work with our brand (Anti Rain Concepts) which has been especially designed to combat these huge costs to the client.

Roof Waterproofing Paints Supplier East london

Waterproofing products East London


Roof Waterproofing Paints East london

waterproofing products East London

Anti rain concepts brings you its Online waterproofing paint catalogue providing you with waterproofing paint prices. We offer quality waterproofing products in the form of : waterproof paint for walls East london, roof waterproofing paint, waterproof paint for walls, waterproofing paint for concrete, duram waterproofing paint. Our special a.b.e. waterproofing products are rubber roof sealer which makes it a effective solution to reduce damp and rain related leaks on roofing and walls. Considered one of the leading waterproofing products for roofs and roof waterproofing paints in East London. Give our company a call to get waterproofing cost per m2 east london south africa.

Waterproofing products-east-london

The ARC Advantage

Our water proofing products were designed seal and permanently repel water from face bricks and plastered surfaces. Our three different sealants for roofs parapets and flashings are unique and have an above average life span. Our Course coat for heavy human traffic is rugged and reliable.

Bonding liquid

bonding liquid was formed to enhance the adhesion of all of our products to the required surfaces, enhancing the life span of the application.


Our Rubberizer does not contain any acrylic binders, making it completely rubber and is water based and easily applied, no heat required.

Fill skim

Our Fill skim is not gypsum based, but cement based, making it incredibly durable, and is hydrophobic not allowing water to penetrate.

paint primer

Our paint primer can be used 24 hours after new plaster has been applied. No plaster primer required, no base coat required and the wall becomes waterproofed before any paint is applied.

Product Range

Arc no.1 Water Repellent

ARC water repellent is a ready to use liquid formed to eliminate water penetration into all concrete and brick substrates.

Arc no.2 Advanced Repellent

ARC Advanced water repellent is a ready to use liquid formed to eliminate water penetration into all concrete and brick substrates even when surfaces contain up to 20% moisture content.

Arc no.3 Coarse Coat

ARC Coarse coat is a ready to use flexible crack bridging waterproof coating for high traffic indoor and outdoor use.

Arc no.4 Fill skim

ARC fill skim is a water proof filler and skim giving you the advantage of long lasting, smooth, quality finish skimmer that does not allow water to penetrate, resulting in a problem free option for the repairs and finish for great results.

Arc no.5 Liquibond

ARC Liquibond is a product formulated to enhance the bonding procedure of all ARC products where extra bonding is required, especially surfaces that are compromised by weather issues, poor material mixture and previous paint failures.

Arc no.6 Under-tile Seal bond

Arc Undertile Sealbond is a two part component specifically designed for waterproofing concrete decks where there is a possibility of water penetration which could cause damage further down the line.

Arc no.7 Rainproof Plus

ARC Rainproof Plus is a ready to use waterproof sealer for indoor and outdoor use.

Arc no.8 Flex Plus

ARC Flex Plus is a ready to use waterproof sealer for indoor and outdoor use. It is perfect for bridging cracks and is applied, adding a membrane.

Arc no.9 Coverseal Primer

ARC Coverseal Primer is a ready to use waterproof penetrating primer for old and new concrete and is beneficial when used as a primer over raw concrete and bricks.

Arc no.10 Rubber Coating

ARC Rubber Coating is a high build, high solids waterproofing with extreme elongation for interior and exterior use. It provides a highly elastic waterproof coating with excellent weather resistance.

Locally manufactured

All our products are locally manufactured and easy accesable.

20+ years of experience

Being in the construction industry for more than twenty years gives us the experience and ability to assist adequately where needed.


Our products have a long life span and all ingredients are of the finest quality.

We supply directly to the builder, contractor, Construction Company and painting company assuring you of great service and quality products at an affordable price.

Proudly supplying :

Construction waterproofing
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