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Anti Rain Concepts

Anti rain Concepts is a family owned business. Prior to forming Anti Rain Concepts, we kept ourselves extremely occupied in the construction industry. We have been involved in renovating bathrooms to massive renovations of restaurants to huge complete makeovers of corporate stores to the construction of new homes and factories throughout South Africa. We operate from small yet effective home offices in various different regions throughout South Africa, and share a small warehouse facility in Johannesburg, where the major distribution takes place.

Throughout our time in the construction business, there was one area that stuck out like a sore thumb. Most of our encounters on the renovation side have been water related issues, where severe damp has been formed in walls due to various different reasons. Leaking roofs are one area where major damage has been caused to ceilings, timber, walls, floors, electrical, paint and various other surfaces within the building, which have always been a major cost factor to the client.

We have been hard at work with our brand (Anti Rain Concepts) which has been especially designed to combat these huge costs to the client.

Locally manufactured

All our products are locally manufactured and easy accesable.

20+ years of experience

Being in the construction industry for more than twenty years gives us the experience and ability to assist adequately where needed.


Our products have a long life span and all ingredients are of the finest quality.

We supply directly to the builder, contractor, Construction Company and painting company assuring you of great service and quality products at an affordable price.

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